Having a good relationship with others is something we all want, but is also one of the biggest challenges. We know we get along better with some people than others. With one you quickly built a bond, while the other is immediately in your allergy. You can choose your friends, but colleagues, neighbors, relatives or anyone else you meet on a daily basis cannot. To get along with everyone, knowledge of your proper form of communication is necessary.

Communication and behavior

We communicate all the time, but we are not always aware of how we come across to that other person or what influence our behavior has. In addition, we don’t pick up on all of the other person’s signals either. This involves the signals that underlie his behavior. And that’s why we don’t always respond in the right way.

If you know better how you come across to others and if you learn to pick up on the other person’s signals better you will make immediate gains. You can shape your relationships with others more easily and enjoyably.

Benefits of interaction styles

This offers two major advantages. First of all, you have an influence on how you come across to the other person. Second, you can adjust your behavior to the signals you receive from the other person. This allows you to respond constructively in the moment.

In other words, you can behave more emotionally intelligently with more self-insight and a better view of the other person.

We see what is behind our eyes.
Chinese proverb

Four interaction styles

There are four main styles we use when interacting with others. Knowledge of these four styles give you insight into yourself and others. They help you recognize and get ahead of conflicts. In addition, you’ll immediately understand how to recognize potential energy drainers. Knowing and understanding the different styles are a roadmap for greater flexibility in your dealings with others.

The first category are those who
urging action with results
. They generally move and speak a lot and quickly and are seen as straightforward and determined. The second category are those who
give direction to action
. They generally move and speak in a deliberate manner. And are seen as serious and focused. The third category are those who
instigating engagement
. They generally move and speak enthusiastically and are seen as expressive and engaging. And the final category are the people who
striving for the best result
for all concerned. They generally move and speak in a patient manner. They tend to be modest and easily approachable.

81% of managers trained in style diversity say they are more effective as managers and coaches.
Source: Social Style Diversity

This tool is extremely interesting for everyone; executives to get and keep their employees positively involved or team members to understand each other faster and be able to work together pleasantly. Results are significant improvement in output in less time and with more enjoyment.

If you want to learn how to know at a glance which style to use to get more results from all your conversations look at: The Leader in You!