The Leader in You!

Get the best out of your employees in six months

Inspiring personal leadership

for optimal growth in organisations

A top-performing team

The success of your organisation relies on the motivation of your employees. They have passionately chosen to work in your organisation, and they want to be of value to other people, to the company and to themselves. In our rapidly changing world that is no easy task.

To create an inspiring working environment where employees can flourish, your organisation needs inspired people. A top-performing team. Employees who discover the leader in themselves and can encourage others to do what they are good at.

Control over personal and professional life

Are the people in your organisation ready to reflect on their own values and their performance? Do you want your employees to have more control over their personal and professional lives?

Our blended learning programme The Leader in You! delivers knowledge, advice and challenges in an intensive six-month programme with six online modules and three live events. In a varied and personalised way, they will receive the tools to enable them to grow. We take a closer look at their personal leadership from different perspectives. And we create an environment where learning through experience is key.

Unlock your leadership profile

The combination of experiential learning, theory, practical tools, assignments and intervision is the most important element to help your employees become aware of all their possibilities. This allows them to discover their own leadership profile and find out how they can make the most of it within your organisation.

Enjoyment in work, success and a good work-life balance are just some of the results of this programme. Good for employees and good for the organisation.

“The online modules and the in-person meetings complement each other. The theory is linked to personal examples, and so I can put it straight to work. I can also use many of the concrete tools that are shared during the training!”

John Komen, project manager at Luckt

The six modules at a glance


Module 1. Communication

Do you recognise that colleagues communicate very differently and sometimes understand each other well and sometimes not at all? Understanding communication strategies and styles gives you a deeper understanding of how you interact with the people around you. It will also increase the quality of your conversations.

Module 2. Trust

Trust is the basis of any successful relationship. It is about the ability of your employees to weigh up their own interests against the wider interests of the company. About the need for a good relationship of trust in the workplace. About daring to be vulnerable and growing through self-confidence.

Module 3. Conflict management

Everyone has conflicts in the workplace, directly or indirectly. Recognising and using different conflict styles to achieve positive results creates a better working environment within the organisation.

Module 4. Openness

We train your employees to avoid miscommunication, eliminate the gossip culture, become more skilled in dealing with difficult situations and manage their own and others' expectations.

Module 5. Responsibility

Through 360-degree feedback, your employees learn how others perceive them in work and personal situations. They learn to translate those insights into their interaction with others. And they experience why a clear concept of responsibility and ownership is necessary for good collaboration.

Module 6. Results

How does your organisation achieve the goals that have been set? By aligning the goals of employees with the organisational goals. By aligning the goals of employees with the organisational goals. Your employees will learn how to set clear and achievable goals and see how they relate to the growth of the organisation, their own effectiveness and the effectiveness of collaborators.

What does our approach mean for your employees and your organisation?

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