This is my story

What’s yours?

‘Working and living with resilience and abundance, whatever the circumstances

You can achieve more than you think

I see The Leader in You! programme as a journey of discovery, where you discover your leadership profile and tap into its full potential. A programme that awakens your curiosity for unexplored opportunities. Where you learn that being inclusive means involving yourself and all the different parts of you: your strengths, your doubts and your challenges. You are enough. You matter. This recognition is worth its weight in gold.

Sometimes things come along that you don’t expect. It could be about your family, your work situation or something personal, and it can have an impact on you and your development. We all receive our share of joys and sorrows. The way you deal with your circumstances show how you can live with resilience and abundance.

Seeing opportunities

My story is about bad luck and how I used resilience to turn misfortune into opportunity. A spinal injury at birth meant that walking was more difficult for me. A spinal injury at birth meant that walking was more difficult for me. I was very frustrated that my friends could outdo me at sports. Little did I know that years later, I would have a series of operations that culminated in a partial spinal cord injury. In 2019, I had to learn to walk again. And I did it.

Embrace your opportunities

How do you deal with something like this and what is your response to this misfortune? It starts with the fact that I have never seen myself as an exception. I was simply one of my friends and joined in with all the things that children do. My parents taught me that everyone has opportunities. You must learn to look at what you can do and enjoy it.

This is where the seed was sown for my vision that everyone has opportunities. That everyone can participate. That everyone has an intrinsic strength, but they must allow themselves to explore and unleash it. My life motto has become: “Look at all the things you already have and see what you can accomplish with these opportunities!” It’s so much more than you think. And sometimes you need someone to teach you to see what is already there and to encourage you to seize it. I made that my job 25 years ago.

Stimulating change

My work is about finding resilience and abundance regardless of circumstances, about being inclusive and about mattering. I would like everyone to discover that inner strength and leadership for themselves. Because of my disability and the reactions to it from those around me, I have learned to work hard and never give up. To always aspire to growth and development.

During my studies, training and work experience at home and abroad, I discovered that my own experience is extremely valuable to others. I bring this into my work. I am a connector and have an instinctive sense for the things that have not been said but need to be said. I use this to inspire development and change. Acknowledging where you have come from and realising where you want to be. That’s true personal leadership.

Leadership is more

With my programmes, you will discover how to seize your opportunities. How to use resilience to transform your situation into a successful life, where you are at the helm and involved. How to optimise your workplace by harnessing your strengths and learning to turn doubts and challenges into opportunities. How you make the most of what you have. How to optimise your leadership.

Keep transforming

I know you have talents within you, and it’s essential that you experience how to develop and use them in positive way. The Leader in You! programme is for everyone. For those who want to grow and connect. For those who are already well on their way and want to explore their untapped possibilities. For those who wish to bring out the best in themselves and others. And for those who want to get rid of old limiting habits and make themselves part of the process. In short, for anyone who wants to keep transforming!

What do you stand for?

This is my story. I made the choice to include myself, to give it 100%, to get the most out of everything. With literal ups and downs, I got out of my wheelchair and started to walk again. Keep moving. That’s what I believe in. Literally and figuratively. What is it to you? Discover what you stand for withThe Leader in You!

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‘You don’t get what you ask for,
you get what you need.’

Angelien Landstra