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Being an example to others so that they can be successful. That’s leadership. Allowing the people around you to take action and responsibility themselves. And that leader is in everyone! What are you doing today that will make you successful tomorrow?

Leadership Solutions inspires the leader in you and your employees. With our blended learning programme The Leader in You! we help professionals and organisations to grow. Our focus: tapping into the leadership potential that we all have and making it work for you. Personal growth also means growth as an organisation.

With knowledge, humour, energy and experience, we guide you and your employees on your journey to integral development in your personal and professional life. Be inspired by our innovative and professional approach, become the best version of yourself and invest in a top-performing team.


Are you looking for more leadership in your organisation? We help your employees discover their leadership qualities with
The Leader in You!


How do you get the best out of yourself as a leader and as a person? Follow your path with our blended learning programme
The Leader in You!

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“Dare to be vulnerable and you will find inner strength. Our personal approach is based on trust and vulnerability. Don’t take yourself for granted and give yourself the chance to explore your potential.’

Angelien Landstra

“This programme is a perfect fit for where I am now. Becoming more aware of how I act, how I come across and how I can adapt to my colleagues makes my work easier and more fun! I’ve really grown and have complete trust in my own strength”

Lisanne Hendriks, housing corporation

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Learn anywhere, anytime, at your own pace. Follow our personal leadership programme: The Leader in You! in our online Leadership Solutions Academy.