Balance your day!

Just a little more persistence! Spring is in the air, terraces will soon be allowed to open in dribs and drabs, curfews will be lifted, and every day we increase group immunity together with more vaccinations. But we’re also a little “me(n)language tired. Working from home has led to longer workdays, more emails and meetings, and the blurring of boundaries between work and home.

To bring your balance back into the day, the lunch break is a must have. No matter what rung of the career ladder you are on, you need to protect your lunch break at all costs especially if you work entirely from home with no roommates around you. For everyone, break is essential to be able to step back and recharge.

If you are a manager of a team, you can set a good example by simply announcing in your team chat your lunch break. And that you don’t look at your phone or screen during lunch. In that same chat, please also let us know you are back 😊. Manager or not, by choosing healthy balance in your day, you set an example for others to do the same. Take your “detour” and take a break from what you were doing.

Go slow to go fast

Lunch break is more than eating a sandwich

The most important thing is not the lunch or the detour itself, it’s showing you that it’s okay to take a break which balances your energy. You can use the time to catch up with a friend, get away from your desk, or just completely unwind. It may sound overly simplistic, but if you let lunch slip by, you easily get burned out.

Against any effort, there must be relaxation. This is the way to get your work-life balance in order and still have energy left over to exercise in the evening or to go out with friends to a terrace if the weather allows. Hang in there a little longer and remember, let go of the reins once in a while. Go slow to go fast!

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